Benefits of Apex Carers

When our care professionals join your family, they become an integral part of your care team. By working only with your family, they come to know your needs, schedules and become an advocate for your care. Our care professionals build a strong relationship and trust with you, your family and care team.

Apex Professional Exchange care professionals are experienced in a variety of fields in special needs care and provide support to you in various areas based on your individual needs and care plan.

Our care professionals provide dedicated, ongoing support to your family, reducing turnover of support staff. The relationship Apex care professionals build with your child result in a closer, trusting relationship which lead to fast progress towards goals.

Your dedicated carer and therapy assistant can attend therapy appointments, assist at school, provide in-home care and community and social support. Having a dedicated support that is connected with the wider therapy and support teams can help ensure that programs are adjusted in real time through critical feedback and integrating therepy and educational support in the home and community setting.

Ways We Can Help

Social Support

Our care professional’s role is to partner with you, your family and friends to create personalised choices to assure quality of life, meaningful community presence, participation and social inclusion.


Our care professionals are able to assist with tube feeding, PEG feeding and meal preparations.

Personal Care

Our care professional is there to help you with day to day activities like showering, toileting etc.

Education and Work

Our care professional will assist you in managing your studies, homework and the transition to work.

Therapy Support

Our care professionals can attend appointments with you and assist with therapy homework and schedules at home.

Independent Living

Live in the comfort of your own home with the assistance of your care professional.

Developmental Support

Our trained care professionals are able to assist with developemental support in your home.

Specialist/High Needs

Our care professionals are trained to work with individuals with high needs and tailor the care they provide to meet your needs.

Care Options

Special Needs Live-In Care & Therapy Support

Our care professionals have direct experience caring for children with special needs and use their education and  training to ensure each child can reach their potential.

Fund with the NDIS

Our families may be able to pay part or all of the cost of an Apex Care Professional through their NDIS Core Supports funding. We provide the talent to your care needs in support of your family. You and your NDIS advisor take care of preparing evidence, plans and progress reports to ensure your funding is used wisely.

Local Carers & Therapy Assistants

Our qualified carers & therapy assistants are local to your area. Our carers can be Live-In or Live-Out and are available between 20-40 hours per week.