Care Professionals Wanting to Support your Family

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Australia, Care Professionals, Support

We have some very talented and skilled caregivers supporting our current host families in Australia, and some equally talented ones eager to join families to support them and help their children reach their goals.

Our carers bring with them the skills and knowledge in a particular social care field, including occupational and physical therapy, like the three candidates we are profiling today.

Philip: Physical Therapist

Philip has a few years’ experience working as a physical therapist for adults under his belt. His career path has led him to work with children and his dedication in gaining experience and skills has meant that he has volunteered at a school for children with additional needs, including ADHD, Down Syndrome, autism for the last 2 years.

He supports 12 students between the ages of 15-17, aiding their fine and gross motor skills development, as well as their behaviour.

Philip is keen to help your children with or without additional needs and is happy to be placed with a family anywhere in Australia.

Sabine: Physical Therapist

Sabine is a physical therapist who has worked abroad in Ireland, supporting a host family with a son and in Costa Rica with the AFS. During her time working with children, she learned that the relationship between educating people and children is one of the main things that supports success in therapy. Sabine identifies suitable ways to impart knowledge to get the best result by looking through the children’s eyes.  

Sabine is an enthusiastic sports person since the age of 4. She runs marathons, plays tennis and does gymnastics. As part of her sporting prowess, she got to know her body well due to the physical demands which made her think about the physiological contexts and relationships, she wanted to gain professional knowledge about the complete musculature system to learn how to optimise it and how to best support it.

Sabine is looking to support a family in Australia and she is keen to live in a rural setting. She wants to help the children in her care to enjoy their time together, while she playfully helps them reach their set goals.


David: Physical Therapist

David’s experiences with caring for children started quite early. Born into a big family, he has ten older and six younger siblings. At age eleven, he became an uncle for the first time and now has 17 nephews and nieces! David has worked with children who had physical, psycho social or intellectual challenges.

One 6-year-old child he worked with had Epilepsy. She was confined to her bed after hip surgery, she could not speak but she could indicate yes or no with signs. David worked with her to regain movement and to be able to sit in a chair.

David has impressive experience with a number of different therapies:

  • Bobath therapy: Leading movement for patients to help rehabilitation
  • Set Tactile Stimuli: Using opposite physical moment to get the patient to respond back physically (best therapy for small children for mimicking movement)
  • Balance training
  • Coordination training
  • Movement transitions training
  • Swim therapy

David’s family background with a larger family means he will be a rock to any family, helping calm the chaos that can be the norm in certain daily situations.


Would you like to get to know any of these three carers? We also have additional candidates online, why not have a look to see if you think someone could fit into your family?