Meet Our Team

Apex Professional Exchange’s team of dedicated professionals – including current and former host mums and former care professionals – are here to support you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about hosting a care professional!


Executive Director

Stacey isn’t afraid to have those tough conversations with clients. She brings to the team a strong business mind, while still able to be empathetic to specific situations. Having joined Apex Professional Exchange just before it underwent major legislative changes, she was the driving force behind these changes and she handled them with such grace.

Experienced in business and operations, Stacey works meticulously to ensure that the Apex Professional Exchange program is the best it can be. She brings an enormous amount of passion and expertise to her role.

When she isn’t working, Stacey enjoys the time with her two children (Tony and Aubrey) and her partner, and she is a whizz in the kitchen.


Regional Director/Area Director

In 2016 Anna relocated with her Australian husband and two sons (Luke and Max) from England to Australia. She grew up in the Black Forest in Germany until her mid-teens, where her nomadic life started when at age 15, she moved to England to attend boarding school.

Finishing school and wanting to study costume design in Italy, she took up an au-pair role looking after two wonderful children. She later returned to England to complete a degree in Journalism and English Literature, which led her to a career in Public Relations.

Anna joined Apex in July 2018 as an Area Director, and moved into the Regional Director role for Australia in December 2018 enabling her to manage the  relationships between the care professionals and host families, providing them with guidance and support throughout their time together.


Founder & CEO


Senior Vice President Operations


SVP Global Business Management


Operations Coordinator


Apex Care Center Manager – Visa & Extension Specialist