On Finding Balance

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Australia, Communication, Top Tips

In this brave new world, parents are finding that they are having to wear even more hats than ever before. Not only are we having to work from home, run the house, provide childcare, complete therapy homework, we are also having to be teachers. So how can we best achieve some balance for our family, whilst working and teaching at home?

At its heart balance is about enjoying what we do right now. When you enjoy what you are doing and have time to do it, you won’t feel guilty or blame others for what you are not doing. When everything around you is out of balance, as it is now, you feel imbalanced too. It creates a battle between what you want and what you have to do.

Balance isn’t something that we can obtain; it’s a state of mind. It’s realising that life is not stable, but rather it is constantly moving and in motion. Now, more than ever, it’s important to realise when we need to let go and ask for help. Respite is important for all of us! Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure. Everyone needs a hand at some point in their lives and while you are wearing so many hats, it is normal to need help. While in some cases, the stay at home/social distancing orders makes it challenging to get the support you need, something as small as talking through your concerns or the areas you are struggling with can help put things in perspective.

Juggling between the different tasks we all have on our plates at the moment can become too overwhelming. Look at what is asked of you and then assess if these are a priority for you and your family right now, if there are areas that are not essential or can wait until tomorrow, be comfortable in letting these go. Try to make time and space throughout the day to be able to step away from whichever job you are doing to do something else. Breaking the day up into different timeslots can help you feeling less overwhelmed.

It is OK not to achieve everything. At the moment it feels like we all have 5 “jobs” and that isn’t feasible. And consider losing control! Sometimes letting go of control, and taking a risk, is the key to letting things fall into place on their own.

Here are some simple strategies that can help you find some balance:

  • Positive self-statements: consider how you speak to yourself. Positivity and reassurance to yourself can go a long way in improving how you are feeling.
  • Physical activity: it’s doing something, even just going for a walk, that will really enhance your mood.
  • Humour: as we all know; laughter is the best medicine. It’s known that laughing can help reduce stress, improve your overall health and help you find balance.
  • Support system: stay in touch with all those that are supportive to you. Sharing your struggles can help you gain perspective and help you with your motivation.
  • Prioritise: identify what matters to you, to your family and to your current situation. Let go of unnecessary tasks, ask for help and most importantly be open to adjusting your priorities.