Our Care Professionals

Our Care Professionals

Apex Professional Exchange is an agency in Australia that specialises in providing live-in therapy assistants and care professionals.

Our care professionals have degrees or training from their home country in Germany or Austria as occupational therapy assistants, paediatric healthcare assistants, special needs care providers, teachers, physical therapy assistants and more. Our care professionals have a minimum of two years experience or education in their field and will work with you to ensure they are personalising the care to your families needs and therapy plan.


Our therapy assistants work collaboratively with your local therapists to implement and support your therapy program. Our candidates are mature professionals with the skills and experience to provide top quality care that is personalised for your needs. Our aim is to provide private disability care in the comfort of a family’s home. Our care professionals offer numerous benefits to Australian families including:

  •  Professional degree-level training and skills
  • Nanny-like service for children with an international flair
  • Promoting independence with home based care for adults and the elderly
  • Personalised care for your family
  • Care in the comfort of your home
  • Training in special needs care
  • Available to work nights, evenings and weekends
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Available to work holidays
  • Amenable to last minute schedule changes.

Care professionals, like nannies, provide a high caregiver to child ratio, ensuring personalised attention to your child or children – and guaranteeing that every child in your family gets the customised care he or she requires.

For adults, our care professionals promote independence and continuity of care in the home setting. We work closely with the family, plan and care managers to ensure that we are tailoring our care around the goals you have set.