Start Your Application

All Australian host families interested in hosting a care professional must fill out a host family application as the first step toward participation in the program. The host family application asks questions about them as a family – including information about their children, their specific care needs, and their family lifestyle. Once a host family is accepted into our program their application is shared with care professionals who are interested in learning more about them and their care requirements.

Below are some tips for completing
the host family application:

Tell Us About Your Family

Give us a detailed overview of your family’s interests, personality, care needs, and requirements for your care professional. The more information you share, the better we will be able to match you with a suitable care professional. The “Dear Care Professional” letter is a great place to share information about your family.

Share Your Special Needs

If you have a child or children with special needs, be sure to provide detailed information about their diagnosis, condition, and any other needs that would be helpful for your care professional to know. It is important to be as clear as possible so that Apex Professional Exchange and your potential care professional have a clear understanding of your family’s care needs.

Post Family Photos

It is important to include a variety of photos as part of your application. Photos are a great way to share your family’s personality, home, pets and other information about you to help your care professional get a better understanding of your life.

Share a Sample Schedule

What hours and schedule do you expect your care professional to work during their time with your family? While Apex Professional Exchange’s care professionals work flexible hours, it is helpful for candidates to understand what a typical schedule of care might look like for your family.

Once you begin your application, our staff is happy to assist you should you have any questions or need help completing a particular section.