Walk the Path that’s Right for your Household

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Australia, Communication, Support

These are challenging times. Changes are afoot globally and the legacy of what we are currently going through will stay with us for years. It will change the way we work, learn, build, travel and most importantly how we connect with one another. Here we want to offer some suggestions as to how we are looking to respond to this change; an emotionally, spiritually and sane response.

Number One: Safe Haven

The last 2-3 weeks have been a time of chaos, confusion and worry, unlike anything many of us have encountered. These feelings are worthy of being recognised, but to counteract them, we are focusing our energy and time on food, family, friends and fitness.

We are suggesting that you don’t compare yourself to others, but that you stay within your bubble and walk your own path. There is no need to be insanely productive, like we see all over social media. Instead make a plan with your family (and close friends if possible) to be sensible in all matters that are prescribed by the powers that are. Including, but not limited to: getting the essentials for your household (in a sensible manner), putting in place plans for: emergency preparedness and social connectedness, supporting the vulnerable to ensure they are included and protected. 

Build a team to ensure that you are not alone. For the next few weeks, months, even in the future; you need a sustainable, safe and supportive system in place.

Number Two: Change your Perception

If you have a social support system in place your mind and your body will start to feel more content and more stable, this is when you will be looking for new challenges.

Even if you have not experienced a situation like the one, we are encountering, once your mind makes that mental shift it will be able to return to a new normal, a new productivity. You will be able to address things that may have deemed too much in the first few weeks of this strange time. You will be better placed to support your children with home-schooling and extra-curricular activities and the bubble you are in will become your new normal.

However, we must, now more than ever, embrace authenticity. We need to be patient and humble and focus on real internal change. The change in perception that will happen will be raw and honest, possibly ugly and frustrated, yet hopeful and encouraging, and at the same time beautiful and divine.

Number Three: Change is Inevitable

We don’t know when this crisis will end, but we do know that it will end. Prepare yourself for it lasting a certain length of time, if it ends earlier it’s a bonus. And at the other end of it, we will all come out stronger. Continue to embrace the mental shift, continue to have faith in the process and support your team.

Right now, prepare to work in serenity, address your productivity when it suits you and look after your health and that of your family. There will be a day when it is all over, when we can hug again, our children will be back at school and we will be back in the office or travelling the world. We need to accept this reality so that we can reimagine ourselves in it.

We will be creative in the change within ourselves and that of our families. We will respond to it the best way we know how and we will find light in all the places. We will learn new things, make friends in all corners of the world and we will inspire ourselves and our children. By walking our path slowly, without panic, taking steps every single day.

We will come together in ways we never thought possible, helping each other in the process!