Working from Home: Tips to Make it Workable

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Australia, Communication, Support

For some years the ability to work from home was sought after by many employees. Now that most of us are forced to, does it deliver what it promises? Yes, times are different and not all of us are working from home by choice. But with some routine and discipline in place, working from home, while also having the children at home, can be quite enjoyable. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of our tips.

When do You Work Best?

I feel very lucky to have been able to work from home for coming up to two years now. I am a morning person and work incredibly well first thing in the morning. That hour from 6-7am when the rest of the house is still asleep is gold! After working that hour, I don’t feel guilty having a break and starting work again around 10am. It enables me to then be present with my children as they have breakfast, spending that little bit of extra time with them before starting up again.

Maybe you are someone who works better at night? Why not shift the working day around to suit your current needs? Think about at what time of day you achieve the most and schedule most of your work around those times.

Routine is King

More likely than not you have some activities that you have to do every week, usually on the same day at the same time. Why not set a schedule, in line with your most productive times? A timetable of sorts can also help you stay on track. I use a daily activity tracker, which lets me plan my week, while still giving me the flexibility to move things around. Most importantly, it makes me stay on track and ensures that I don’t miss any deadlines.

What Day is it?

Usually your job is probably a Monday to Friday affair. However, why not leave some work to the weekend? If it is an option, it could be a great one. I find just putting in a couple of hours on the weekend I feel more in control, I am focused and able to get those things off my To-Do list that often end up at the bottom.

Instead of putting in long hours during the week, especially now that the children are at home and need more looking after then at other times. Working in shorter bursts can really free up some time.

At the same time, make sure you also plan some time off. A day off when you don’t think about work and do something that helps you relax and destress.

Set Clear Boundaries

Equally important is setting some boundaries. Making a clear distinction between work time and non-working hours, after all, despite everything we are still trying to stick to and achieve some sort of work-life balance.

Particularly during these somewhat surreal times it’s even more important to still take time off. That’s the only way you can recharge and you’ll be more focused for it.

Every day, I make sure that I cook healthy meals and eat them with my children. I also make sure that I go outside with them, for a bike ride or a walk. Find that one thing that enables you to completely switch off: mine is knitting and crochet. It’s my mental health saver and it’s particularly important, not only during these strange times.

Most importantly, it’s ok to stuff it up, not every day will be perfect!