Host Family Process

Overview of Host Family Process

Apex Professional Exchange’s staff guides families through the application and matching process, giving them the advice and guidance they need to search, interview and match with the right care professional. Once a host family has selected their care professional, Apex Professional Exchange manages arrival logistics including visas, flights and insurance. Apex Professional Exchange also provides the host family with ongoing local support once the care professional arrives in Australia.

Five Steps to Securing High Quality Live-In Care:

STEP 1: Start Your Application

Share information about your family and what special skills and experience you are looking for in a care professional. For some helpful tips for what information to include in your application, visit the Start Your Application page.

STEP 2: Identify Care Professionals You Like

Apex Professional Exchange’s curated database of highly qualified professionals is large enough to offer choice but small enough for our staff to be personally acquainted with each candidate. Contact your favourite candidates or ask Apex Professional Exchange to provide an expert recommendation.

STEP 3: Conduct Interviews and Make a Match

Participate in a one-on-one interview with your favourite candidates to learn more about their backgrounds, training and specialisation. Apex Professional Exchange guides you through the interview process to ensure your time will be productive and informative.

STEP 4: Apex Professional Exchange Manages Pre-Arrival Details

Once you’ve matched with a childcare professional, Apex Professional Exchange handles all the arrival logistics – often in as little as five weeks. This includes visas, flights, medical insurance and more!

STEP 5: Welcome Your Care Professional

Welcome your care professional secure in the knowledge that you’ve made a great choice and that a mature professional with the right experience will care for your children.