Work/Life Balance

by | May 22, 2019 | Life@Apex

Anna, Area and Regional Director for Australia, lives in the suburbs of Sydney. She works from home, and splits her day between Apex Professional Exchange and activities with her 4-year old son Max.

“I love having the time to spend with my son to go to playgroups, activities and meet-up with his little buddies, all while still putting in 5 hours of work every day for Apex. Max’ favourite activity during the week is what he calls ‘his school’: bush playgroup at the Australian Botanical Garden in Mount Annan, NSW. It’s a group organised by some lovely group leaders who come up with nature related play and learning activities that are engaging, educational and fun.

From going on a nature walking and collecting things for a journey card, making the kids names with collected natural items, collecting sticks to make a mandala and walking barefoot through treys with various things in them: clay, water, rocks, leaves, all activities have a nature component to them. It’s wonderful to be able to spend a day a week out in nature, learning about Australian flora and fauna. I feel recharged and re-energised after our weekly visit to bush playgroup and I am grateful that Apex enables me to do this.”