Some of the Domestic Carers Looking to Support a Family Now

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Australia, Care Professionals, Support

Over the past weeks we were able to speak to some wonderful Care Professionals within Australia who are excited to start working with our Families. This week we would like to feature two of our newest additions. Please let us introduce you to Joyce and Rosemary.

Joyce is from Melbourne and has over 5,000 hours of experience. She is able to live-in or out and available immediately.

Joyce is a qualified nurse and has a brother with Autism who she supported until he turned 18. She wants to continue to work with individuals with special needs as this is her passion. By supporting an Apex family, she will be able to combine her nursing and special needs care experience while having the opportunity to learn the therapy programs of the person she supports. 

Here is what Joyce has to say: “I love caring and engaging with people who have a disability, I want to support people and make a difference in their lives.”

Rosemary is a Teacher’s Aide from Adelaide who has worked at a school for special needs kids. She has over 1,000 hours of experience and is able to live-out and available immediately.

Rosemary went through a bit of a career change at the beginning of 2019. After working in Administration for a long time, she decided to follow her passion and became a teacher’s aide to support kids with special needs. She fell in love with helping children and hasn’t looked back. Rosemary is trained to work with all aspects of behavioural and developmental needs,Speech and Language Therapy, Autism Awareness and Acute Brain Injury. Rosemary is passionate about communication and helping people to achieve their goals. She likes the idea of getting to know children in her care and supporting them consistently.

Here is what Rosemary has to say: “A lot of pupils with additional learning needs find it hard to express their emotions, and this shows within their behaviour. I encourage the pupils to talk to me about what they are feeling and how we can manage that as a team. I believe the correct way to deal with these situations is through calming and rational behaviour from staff, which hopefully other pupils will learn from.“

If you would like to get to know Joyce or Rosemary a little more, please let us know and we can set up a chat. Or register on our website: