The Best Decision of my Life

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Australia, Experience Report

Tim, a 28-year old speech pathologist and experienced childcare worker from Germany, jumped feet first into THE experience of his life. This is his story.

Tim knew that he wanted to go abroad, but he really wanted to utilise his skills and experience professionally, so he was pleased when he found Apex Social in Germany, who he says: “Provided the best conditions and opportunities compared to other organisations.”

The Apex team in Germany helped him find the right host family in Australia and he joined them in June 2018 for 12 months.

Tim says: “The family was the best one I could wish for – a single dad and his son, plus the fathers’ girlfriend and her kids. We were working hand-in-hand and I could plan and structure the week with my host child how I saw fit. We never had any issues or arguments. I always felt very looked after, my host father always made sure I had enough time off, giving me that work/life balance. It was just perfect.”

This experience, of living in Australia for 12 months, while still being able to utilise his professional skills, had been the best choice he has made in his life. Tim had the chance to work in a new and different field; enabling him improve his professional skills, improve his language skills, make friends for life and much, much more.

During his time with his host family Tim was able to share some of his German culture as well, and as he jokingly said: “His German strictness.” The young boy he looked after, really needed a well-choreographed routine every day and Tim’s strictness was much appreciated by the boy’s father.

Additionally, Tim was able to use his therapeutic knowledge and improve his host child’s verbal and non-verbal skills.

Tim believes that this experience has improved his working life since returning to Germany, in many different ways. He has taken on board a very Australian trait and has become more relaxed, and he is able to utilise new strategies in his daily work life.

Having lived and breathed the ‘Australian Way’, Tim knows that he has become more spontaneous and relaxed. He was inspired in Australia and is leading a much healthier life. He is also working on a plan to move to Australia permanently.

Talking about his support from Apex: “Luckily I didn’t need that much support. I would say for myself it was enough, and the program worked well for me. There could have been more meet-ups with other care professionals and our area director. I understand it’s a smaller program in Australia, so that wasn’t possible. I still had a good experience with every Apex staff I came into contact with. They were friendly and supportive.”

Tim’s wish to migrate to Australia comes from the fact that he finds it to be an amazing country, where everybody is really open and friendly. In his opinion it’s THE place to live!

For anyone else considering the leap, Tim’s advice is: “Use your time to do as much exploring as possible, enjoy every single day and make friends for life because 1 year is over way too quickly.”