Blog post: top tips for welcoming your CP

Top Tips for Welcoming Your Care Professional

by | May 15, 2019 | Top Tips

Whether your family is welcoming a care professional for the 1st or for the 5th time, we’d like to share some tips with you to get you started

  1. Welcome the care professional to your neighbourhood. Facilitate a gathering during which time s/he has the opportunity to meet with neighbours and friends. She will feel welcomed and she will get to know people who she can contact if you aren’t available.
  2. Find her a friend. Reach out to your network, or the area director who will be able to introduce her to other care professionals in the area. The new friend can invite her out during the first or second week, this will help ease culture shock and help her make friends.
  3. Make her arrival memorable. Bring flowers or balloons or a welcome sing when you meet your care professional at the airport. It will cheer her up after a long flight and make her feel special.
  4. Ensure that your care professional has work/life balance. It is important for host families to understand that this is a hard job. The more you can do to ensure your care professional has a social life outside of work, the happier she will be doing her work!
  5. Celebrate the successes. While it will take some time for your care professional to adjust to your family and routines, be sure to provide positive reinforcement and celebrate successes as they occur – even if they are small and seemingly inconsequential.