What Makes our Carers Different?

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Australia, Support

Apex Professional Exchange was established to provide professional opportunities for European nationals with training in particular social care fields, while supporting Australian families find very specialised childcare; encompassing special needs care, therapy assistance and support work. Our care professionals job titles are a little bit different to the care roles we know of in Australia. So how can you tell which professional skills you need for your family?

Special Needs Care Provider (Heilerziehungspfleger)

Even though our Australian families find it tricky to pronounce the word “Heilerziehungspfleger”, we translate it as ‘Special Needs Care Provider’. It’s one of our favourite German occupations for our host families who have children with special needs!

A Heilerziehungspfleger or “HEP” for short, is a Special Needs Care provider who has completed a three-year advanced degree in assisting, caring, educating and helping children and adults with special care requirements and daily living. In addition to working with people with special needs in a social and emotional capacity, they are also trained to provide personal and hygiene assistance including toileting, bathing, lifting, feeding (including feeding tubes) and other daily support needs. They make wonderful professional caregivers for children who have special physical care needs.

Occupational Therapist (Ergotherapeut)

Our occupational therapists’ role is to help promote mobility and function, adapt environments, modify tasks, and eliminate barriers to independence. The occupational therapists on our program, have a unique opportunity to use their training as they work closely with their host children to reach developmental and therapeutic goals. 

European occupational therapists have three years of vocational training or a four-year BA Degree. They have special training in working with children and adults who have a physical, mental or cognitive disorder. OTs focus on adapting the environment and teaching skills with a goal of increasing their patient’s participation in daily activities. 

Physical/Physio Therapist (Physiotherapeut)

Our physical therapists enjoy helping people live a better quality of life by increasing their mobility and function. Physical therapists are certified as part of a three-year vocational program. Most physical therapists work with individuals who have physical disabilities and are trained to help improve or restore mobility and to reduce pain. 

Paediatric Nurse (Kinderkrankenschwester)

Our paediatric nurses specialise in working with infants to provide the care they need to thrive – while also giving parents useful information and guidance. A paediatric nurse receives a three-year degree that is focused on caring for babies – including newborns, premature infants, multiples (twins, etc.) and babies with special needs. Most paediatric nurses have experience in maternity wards, nurseries and intensive care units.

Speech therapist – Logopäde

A speech therapist receives their degree after three years of vocational training. Speech therapists help patients to improve their communication skills, including speech development, disorders and delays. 

Other social care professions

In Australia Apex is the only agency specialising in professional live-in childcare and has a reputation for sourcing high quality social care professionals from Europe. Apex is a great fit for social workers and special needs care workers who want to use their professional experience while living abroad.

Common care needs the professions above are able to care for include:

  • Working with family to achieve developmental milestones and other goals
  • Taking children to therapy appointments
  • Helping children to adapt fully to school and social situations
  • Therapeutic stretching and exercises
  • Administering feeding tubes
  • Hygiene care and feeding
  • Adapting the home environment
  • Modifying tasks
  • Improving mobility and function

Additionally, they can help your family with the following:

  • Introducing children to their language and culture
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Administering medication
  • Helping with bathing children and bedtime routines
  • Assisting with potty training
  • Packing school lunches and getting ready for school
  • Managing children’s laundry
  • Introducing age-appropriate activities (art, outdoor play, reading time)
  • Helping with homework and providing tutoring assistance
  • Managing children’s busy schedules (play dates, appointments, activities)
  • Driving children to activities and school
  • Doing special outings and activities.

Apex care professionals are motivated to help the children in their care reach their developmental and therapy goals. Their skills and experience give them a unique advantage in providing tailored and specialised care.  Check out who is currently online and looking for a family to work with: https://www.apexnannyagency.com.au/register/