What to Look for in a Care Professional

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Australia, Support, Uncategorized

When it comes to finding the perfect support worker, there are so many different factors to consider – after all, you want to ensure that this person you’re welcoming into your home and your heart will be a good fit.

You’ll want to discuss with them their lifestyle, their interests and their childcare experience, including experience with special needs children, in order to get a full, comprehensive look at them. But, if you ask many of our host families, there’s one factor that matters more than the other—and that’s the care professional’s personality.

In the case of many happy host family/care professional matches, it’s about finding a young woman or man that can be a therapy assistant and support to your kids, while also behaving like a member of the family. It’s about choosing someone that you’ll feel comfortable leaving your children with; someone that has the skill and experience needed to assist with therapies your children receive; spending holidays with; someone whose company you’ll enjoy on a Saturday night; someone who you can sing along to Disney tunes with in the car on your way to the supermarket.

Finding a care professional is not about finding someone with the exact right background in childcare that you think you’re looking for – it’s about finding someone who you can trust with your children, so instead of being their therapist, you can be a parent again. And building trust means picking someone who you’ll love to have around.

More childcare hours does not necessarily equal a better childcare provider. Good childcare providers are those who feel bonded to your kids, and would do anything to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Good childcare providers are ones you can trust like family.

The decision to bring someone into the home can be a difficult one and the process of matching with the right person is not always straightforward or easy.  Families can find themselves being critical, closed-minded, sceptical, and emotional.

Let us help you chose the right person to support your children and become a member of your family.